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The FoxTale Very Berry Gin

Very Berry, the long-awaited return of The FoxTale Gin, tastes like ripe blueberries and is a limited edition. Can you resist this "Gin-Gin"? The FoxTale Very Berry Gin...

Very Berry, the long-awaited return of The FoxTale Gin, tastes like ripe blueberries and is a limited edition. Can you resist this "Gin-Gin"?

The FoxTale Very Berry Gin (37.5% Vol, 70cl)

We welcome the return of Very Berry! A blueberry gin produced in Portugal, fresh, tasty and limited edition. Let yourself be impressed by the taste of this new story!

The bittersweet and familiar character of the blueberry combines with the dry and dominant structure of the juniper. The finish is long and floral, subtly complemented by acidic notes of ripe blueberry.

Back to The Family FoxTale, Very Berry retains its essence as a storytelling gin that promotes shared experiences and is the link between different personalities!

Perfect Serve:

- 5cl of The FoxTale Very Berry Gin;

- 20cl Tonic Water;

- Crushed peppermint leaf;

- A few lightly crushed blueberries.

Limited to existing stock.

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The FoxTale Very Berry Gin
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